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I've been there and done that!

When I first started my blog in 2012 I had no clue about the importance of visual branding and just like you when I finally did learn, I had no clue where to start. Searching endlessly through stock photos became to much of a task for me, which in turn made me post inconsistently. 

So when I began creating stock photos I knew that others needed a one stop shop for all things stock photos! 

Hence my little shop filled with amazing stock photos. Not only that but I created done-for-you quote graphics to instantly help fill your feed so that you can have variation. 

I'm aware that bloggers, entrepreneurs, shop owners, designers, coaches, and all of the many other incredible creative entrepreneurs out there value there time. That's why I want to help you out with one of the biggest parts of your social media presence, you visual brand! 

She Bold exist to save you time and create a share worthy and stunning visual brand that gets you noticed! 

She Bold ensures you will not go another day not having the brand that truly resonates with you!

Your brand is amazing! She Bold provides you with the branding elements you desire to get you noticed!

From the Desk of Jasmine

Jasmine Hunt

Founder of She Bold

Hello Gorgeous! 

I know so many women that have been a fan of my styled stock photos. Many have subscribed and became avid members of the She Bold Stock Membership not to mention the many clients I have worked throughout my years of doing stock photos. 

As I have grown as a business woman I have seen the pain points of so many women out there. I listen to the struggles of the rising creative entrepreneur and I make sure they never have to struggle any longer with developing a brand that they truly love.

As social media and our internet presence increases so does the demand for high quality imagery. She Bold's purpose is to make sure you have high quality at half the cost! My hope for She Bold is that it will be your one stop shop to get all things branding related! 

Affordability is my aim and high quality is the game!